Chaser [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chaser:

They call dad a 'rainbow-chaser,' and say he never can find any pay-rock the way he potters around.

They should be given frequently—and sharply, and often just at the moment when the chaser is about to catch the runner.

The game continues until runner is caught, or a time reached when a new chaser and runner are chosen.

Here was a wild-goose chase indeed, but Aronson had a keen suspicion that it was the goose who was the chaser.

Then he hoisted the English ensign over the French, and immediately the stranger yawed and fired a bow-chaser.

The D-type are the single-seater fighters or "chaser" machines.

If I was as small as you, or a ringbolt chaser like Chips, I might be able to do it.

But sometimes the tables were turned, and sometimes the chaser was chased!

"Don't drink much myself," announced the testimonial-chaser.

"I see you were just getting out a stern chaser," and he pointed to the gun.