Chasm [noun]

Definition of Chasm:

gap, abyss

Synonyms of Chasm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chasm:

Sentence/Example of Chasm:

At a distance of four miles from the colony, a waterfall foams down a chasm which it has worn away for itself.

The procession, preceded by Bob on his feathered steed, passed through a chasm overgrown with brambles.

In most cases the roofs over these sea caves fall in, so that the structure is known as a chasm.

Two miles to the east the San Juan burst out of a defile of sandstone, and a mile to the west it disappeared in a similar chasm.

He was in a chasm, twenty-five hundred feet below the average surface of the earth, the floor of which was a swift river.

A bend of the chasm at last brought the voyagers in sight of the monster, which was frothing and howling to devour them.

Shadow after shadow crept down the walls of the chasm, blurred its projections, darkened its faces, and crowded its recesses.

The four-handed animals fill up the great chasm between the quadruped and the human species.

As far as the eye can reach is a sea of green tree-tops, with occasionally a deep rift where there is a chasm.

The chasm into which a mile-wide sheet of water plunges has been plumbed to twice the depth of Niagara.