Chassis [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chassis:

The body of the car rocked from side to side on the chassis under the fierce turmoil in the tonneau.

The fuselage construction was of wood, with a strong 8-wheeled landing chassis beneath it.

Remove cabinet back for access to main chassis fuse if it ever becomes necessary to replace it.

Install diplexer assembly in manner most suitable to TV chassis model.

Different chassis number, sir, to say nothing of the number-plates.

I jammed on the brakes and we sprang out, and saw she was under the car in between the wheel and the chassis.

Then, piling new wood on the fire, they began again the task of repairing the chassis.

The second plan is to build a flexible body so that the chassis will “give” rather than resist when subjected to hard strains.

Install the two shakeproof washers over the chassis mounting studs.

At the moment, Sven was busily probing into an open chassis with a hot soldering iron.