Chastened [verb]

Definition of Chastened:

correct, humiliate

Synonyms of Chastened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chastened:

Sentence/Example of Chastened:

They embrace the challenge wide-eyed, they said, chastened by past disasters, aware of the risks, but bullish on the benefits.

All were there to celebrate the birth of the New Year, and to "play the game," however chastened they might feel on the morrow.

Julian read the letter many times; he was touched by its delicate and eloquent sorrow—its fine and chastened thoughtfulness.

For the scene between Beaumelle and her maids is substituted another coloquy of similar import but chastened tone.

Liosha was in the chastened mood in which she would have dived with him to the depths of the English Channel.

Nicuesa's spirit had not been chastened by his unparalleled misfortunes.

If only Harry had been more chastened by his misfortune the annoyance might have gone too.

Then, being chastened, he took a despicable revenge—he stopped the supply.

Oliver left the window and went back toward his bunk, considerably chastened.

For a moment a flash of his old irony marked his face; but he determinedly chastened it down.