Chateau [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chateau:

Their Chateau en Espagne seemed invisible, as such chateaux usually are; and where it might be found, who was there to tell?

Wharton left Vienna, the morning after his separation from Louis in the garden of the chateau.

We are drawing near the chateau, and you might as well wear a cockade tricolor as let them hear that.

Some peasants had brought the news to the chateau, with the additional information that they were all to be shot within two days.

I was in the Chateau de Montauban, and I now blessed the chance which had sent me to its honoured walls.

A pretty little chateau-like building immediately attracted our attention.

No servant of the chateau was allowed past the door of the outer anteroom, now commonly spoken of as the guardroom of the tower.

Alongside this there stood another door, opening into a passage from which access might be gained to any part of the chateau.

Nor shall I know peace of mind again until this ill-omened chateau is a good three leagues or so behind us.

He stooped, and waving his torch along the ground he moved to the far angle of the chateau, examining the soft, oozy clay.