Chatelaine [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chatelaine:

She was a tiny thing, in a marvellous frock and a flowery hat and a silver girdle and chatelaine.

His voice trembled with the agony of love and pain, as she drew the solitaire out of the chatelaine bag at her belt.

For the last year Dinah had played the chatelaine, and spent the winter only at La Baudraye.

The natural servant wears her apron smartly; the born chatelaine with an inimitable grace.

The fame of the brilliant and beautiful Baroness Wrangell, first chatelaine of the castle, lives after her.

It would have been considered sacrilege to stamp the individuality of the chatelaine of an hour on those historic halls.

The whimsical chatelaine of this enchanted keep is a shy goddess.

What a brilliant little chatelaine some one else would make!

Ah, she's like an antique chatelaine: one of the stateliest, handsomest old ladies of the day.

For thirty years, as chatelaine of Le Mans, she watched its new Gothic sanctuary rising.