Chatted [verb]

Definition of Chatted:

talk, gossip

Synonyms of Chatted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chatted:

Sentence/Example of Chatted:

Find this and all the panel discussions, interviews, fireside chats and interactive Q&As listed in the event agenda.

With the scheduling app Raft, you can set up a project for others to like, add comments to and privately chat about.

They lead to things like better-quality photos and videos, chat over Wi-Fi, knowing when a message is read, sharing reactions, and better capabilities for group chats.

The man who fed the first president — and hungered for freedomWashington also had little patience for chit chat.

Here they found important differences in reelin, a chemical that helps brain cells chat with each other.

Emirates offers everything from group chats and guided meditation to personal counseling for employees who need it.

The feature is aimed at giving users a feeling of chatting “as close to in-person as possible” when using the messaging platform.

There is also a film screening planned, along with Twitter chats to allow for increased participation.

Let’s say an ad generates 10 clicks and out of those clicks, five of them convert into a lead on the site either through a phone call, email, or chat.

In multiplayer video games, they hang out with their friends, chatting for hours, gossiping and arguing.