Chatterers [noun]

Definition of Chatterers:

someone who talks too much

Synonyms of Chatterers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chatterers:


Sentence/Example of Chatterers:

The Chatterer came directly to the tree—I remember it was an oak tree—and began to climb up.

My mother and the Chatterer and I, and a few other simple bodies, were what might be termed suburban residents.

Lop-Ear and his mate were in possession, and she was none other than my sister, the daughter of my step-father, the Chatterer.

I did not see what became of my mother, but I did see the Chatterer shot down out of the old home-tree.

I see,” she said with an acid little laugh, “you have the Chatterer up here in your unholy of unholies.

Athalie kept her eyes fixed on his face; he durst not betray by a gesture that the gossip of the tipsy chatterer confused him.

Margaret was a great chatterer, and was delighted to get Linda to herself, to air her own views and to learn of Linda's.

It isn't very often that Chatterer the Red Squirrel knows fear.

When she saw that she could get no redress and that her words were despised, the Owl attacked the chatterer by a stratagem.

"He doesn't look it," said Chatterer the Squirrel with a saucy jerk of his tail.