Chattering [verb]

Definition of Chattering:

speak fast and non-stop

Synonyms of Chattering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chattering:

Sentence/Example of Chattering:

There is some excitable chatter on Twitter and other places suggesting that two of the other astronauts might be actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman, who have been in talks with NASA about filming a movie on the ISS.

It’s now best known for its “customer experience management” software, which brings together a variety of data sources, including surveys, social media chatter, and direct customer feedback.

You have to jump in and offer relevant content that outshines other chatter before the topic shifts.

The lunar night is long, and the radio chatter nearly nonexistent.

In the 1990s, while listening in on the brain’s electrical chatter in sleeping mice, memory researchers stumbled across a perplexing finding.

He had leaped very smartly to this point of vantage, nevertheless he found Jumbo there before him, chattering worse than ever!

"Stiff and cold," said Dorothy, her teeth chattering in her head, and a deeper pallor settling on her face.

Slowly but surely Reff Ritter came up out of the icy water, his teeth chattering loudly.

The silent parterre would be gay with a giddy, chattering mob of Society people before long, Vera hurriedly explained.

Apparently Kopee had seen it from the tree-top as he was chattering with great excitement to tell me it was coming.