Chatting [verb]

Definition of Chatting:

talk, gossip

Synonyms of Chatting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chatting:

Sentence/Example of Chatting:

I made some remark to Masters which led to another from him, and in five minutes' time we were chatting on all sorts of topics.

We stood there chatting about one thing and another, when I noticed that Nancy was not talking much and seemed rather pale.

Spunyarn, who was to accompany his friend, at a discreet distance was laughing and chatting merrily with the younger girl.

And thus chatting and meditating they went on their way through meadows starred with flowers.

The pair, seated away in a corner, had been chatting in an undertone when they were compelled to rise.

Lachaume, the painter, and I were chatting at one of its little tables, he over an absinthe and I over a coffee and cognac.

Upon a corner of the pleasant gallery sat Leandre smoking his afternoon cigar, and chatting with neighbors who had called.

Joe flung pieces of fish into the air, and kept chatting volubly as his pets swooped and squabbled.

And those birds chatting down the hall were local coppers with a couple of men from the County Homicide Squad.

Mazaroff was quite himself again by this time, and stood chatting gaily to Maxgregor.