Chauffeur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chauffeur:

A chauffeur may recover damages from his employer for injuries received while operating his car.

The chauffeur shifted his position so as to glance behind him at the girls, the car running slowly.

He was a young man, and he wore some sort of a uniform—that of a chauffeur, taxi driver, or something of the sort.

“Yes, Miss Jessie,” said the chauffeur, looking up at the clouds that had been gathering.

It was Amy who had suggested the writing of the letter and having it taken into town by Chapman, the chauffeur.

He took the powder with him when he left the house a few minutes later dressed in a spare uniform of Vida Gervais' chauffeur.

When he had gone the detective, turning to the chauffeur, said: "I shall require you to take us to Verdun."

A few minutes later he reappeared with the glass, followed almost directly by the chauffeur with the alcohol and lime water.

Bud did not say anything; your efficient chauffeur reserves his eloquence for something more complex than a dead engine.

Even the soldier-chauffeur wore a patch over one eye, and his uniform was ragged.