Chauvinistic [adjective]

Definition of Chauvinistic:

impatient, prejudiced

Opposite/Antonyms of Chauvinistic:

Sentence/Example of Chauvinistic:

While those with chauvinistic attitudes towards the country or its citizens may derive pleasure from this needed reality check, the consequences of Nigerians’ failures extend far beyond the government and its direct citizens.

The same history is delightfully chauvinistic in its account of the Colonial Wars.

The vile practice of yellow newspapers and chauvinistic politicians is almost the only experience of it we have.

I am not speaking sarcastically, my point is not a chauvinistic one, not even hemispherically prideful.

There is reason to think that if Japan were a democracy its policy would be more Chauvinistic than it is.

The intensely proud and chauvinistic Falsethsa would tolerate no interference.

There was nothing chauvinistic in either his attitude or his arguments.

It was the same in France formerly, when she ceded to chauvinistic influences.

He took advantage of the prevalent Chauvinistic sentiments, and put them forward as a bait.

In the struggle for the political ascendency chauvinistic strongwords became more and more rife.