Cheated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cheated:

Some crowd marketers use them for link posting, but I think it is a cheat.

Students argue that the testing systems have made them afraid to click too much or rest their eyes for fear they’ll be branded as cheats.

Jacob cheated his brother out of the parental blessing, and lied about God, and lied to his father to accomplish his end.

The crowd dispersed, disappointed; cheated out of their anticipated scene of an arrest for horse-stealing.

My brother was right, Monkey-face has constantly cheated us; it is evident that this deed emanates from him alone.

To their last day Jenkins's clients went about, showed themselves, cheated the devouring egotism of the crowd.

And David told how he had been locked out of his own house, and cheated out of his rest.

As for those boozing fellows up there in the corner, they have deceived and cheated us, that is very evident.

I have been cheated out of the joys of motherhood, that is the truth—the spring was poisoned for me at the very beginning.

"It's not so much the money, but to feel he has cheated me and broken loose when I thought he was cured," she concluded.