Checkerboards [noun]

Definition of Checkerboards:

system of connections

Synonyms of Checkerboards:

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Sentence/Example of Checkerboards:

A moment later a maid placed on the table beside the checkerboard a tray, with a decanter and glasses, and a pitcher of water.

Then cut them into thin slices for serving and they will be found to resemble a checkerboard.

Ezra goes too, and sometimes we take the old checkerboard and have a game or so.

The streets lay parallel and at right angles like the lines on a checkerboard.

It will even strive to imitate a black and white checkerboard.

He was a stranger to me, wore a checkerboard suit and a bonfire necktie, and had his hat twisted over one ear.

Then the howl of a fiend, and a mile-long checkerboard of lighted car-windows, and cinders rattling against them like hail.

Checkerboard game: This serves to teach the child the limits and the various divisions of a plane.

Our Christian who found himself in khaki was quickly moved across the great checkerboard of war.

One end of the table had been blocked out like a checkerboard, each inch square lined for cutting the candy accurately.