Checklist [noun]

Definition of Checklist:

record, tabulation

Synonyms of Checklist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Checklist:

Sentence/Example of Checklist:

An annotated checklist and key to the reptiles of Mexico exclusive of the snakes.

But it seems to me that a more precise checklist, a clear understanding, would be wholesome and better.

Following is a checklist of the 68 species of bats thus far reported from Nicaragua.

Every year, following the publication of the Checklist, we receive a number of queries.

This Checklist, 1960, is the last of the cumulative Checklists.

Yes; it also indicates that I used one of our counseling tools, an interest checklist.

Since this is the case, we feel that some brief history of the Checklist might be of interest to the readers.

Subsequent to the publication of their checklist of the Mexican amphibia , numerous taxonomic changes have been proposed.

The titles in the major portion of the Checklist are listed in a single comprehensive index by author.

We hope this Checklist is half as much fun for you to read as it was for us—all things considered—to prepare.