Checkmate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Checkmate:

Somebody knew exactly what was going on, somebody was at work to checkmate the dark design.

You and I will try to checkmate that pack if there is anything uncanny in it.

The ruffian was counting confidently on having things his own way, and Matt was wondering how he could checkmate him.

Victory for the South became immediately impossible, no matter how long the final checkmate might be delayed.

If the Austrian minister could accomplish this, he could thereby checkmate Prussian ambitions for leadership in Germany.

I do believe the creature'll checkmate me now, all by his ridiculous English heavy persistency!

There is one golden rule, the observance of which must utterly checkmate the most cunning swindler.

They may do what they like, but Ill checkmate them still, said he, with an oath.

Gunbei realized his checkmate: there was nothing to be gained by lying further.

I was ready to despair when a possible means of checkmate flashed into my mind.