Cheered [verb]

Definition of Cheered:

make someone feel happier

Synonyms of Cheered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheered:

Sentence/Example of Cheered:

So this year enjoy a glass of cheer with each other over Zoom.

On the other hand, as someone who has had the privilege of holding onto his job—and his health—I think if you have the means, it’s a good time to spread extra cheer by being extra thoughtful with holiday giving.

Unfortunately, you must continue to politely demur and find other ways to spread positive news and good cheer.

Health-care professionals have emerged as the heroes of the Covid crisis, often drawing cheers from grateful onlookers as they emerge from hospitals after long and grueling shifts.

Not just because of candles on a menorah or bulbs strung on Christmas trees but because bright, twinkling lights bring cheer and beauty to the shortest, darkest days of the year.

The people of the valley were to know that their kindness had cheered me, but of their pity I wanted none.

But here in this little valley of the Kaw, he was cheered to see his race on a practical and sensible basis.

On the threshold of my new work such encouragement greatly cheered me and increased my determination to do my best.

Mr. Barnes, who was loudly cheered on his return to the House, joined in the cry for economy.

Half an hour later, when he entered his boat again to go on shore, the men cheered him.