Cheerfully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Cheerfully:

Then both the partners laughed together—pleasantly and cheerfully, as men who are going to receive money, often do.

No, no,” added Mr. Pickwick more cheerfully, “it would be selfish and ungrateful.

There were several in high places at present, cheerfully trimmed down from the statesman to the political ideal.

His table is well supplied from the choicest his larder affords and he cheerfully welcomes all to its side.

"We will stay here till dark, and then we'll go on with our journey," said Henry cheerfully.

The room was in twilight, with the red gleam of the fire playing cheerfully over it.

So bitter was the feud that either would have borne cheerfully a loss to prevent the other from making a profit.

Cheerfully and joyfully he would die a thousand times to hasten the triumph of liberty.

I am at present staying at Chittenden's, and will cheerfully execute any commission you may send me.

Then Machabeus, and they that were with him cheerfully laid siege to the fortress four days.