Cheerily [adverb]

Definition of Cheerily:


Opposite/Antonyms of Cheerily:

Sentence/Example of Cheerily:

The girl and the man exchanged meaning glances, and just then Sir Hugh himself entered, greeting his visitor cheerily.

It was not long before a fire was crackling cheerily and bacon was spitting in a frying pan over the blaze.

Now, here come the men folks,” roused Aunt Affy, cheerily; “and supper they must have to keep them good-natured.

When it ceased dripping for an hour at noon, the greengrocer said cheerily, 'Another grand day, mam!'

"Morning," said Pierre le Rouge cheerily, and swung off the bunk to the floor.

Had this been the case he would not have called quite so cheerily as he did.

"We have passed through the clouds," said the doctor cheerily.

"There needs no ghost come from the dead to tell us that, Horatio," he said, cheerily.

"Well that's all right" said Helen cheerily putting a lump of coal on the fire.

Good deal of it as to quantity; what it will turn out as to quality remains to be seen, cried Constance cheerily.