Cheesy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cheesy:

If you’re relying on an AI filter to bust out the cheesy grins, something’s gone very wrong.

Holiday pop-up bars, with their cheesy decor, novelty drinks and singalong soundtracks, provide a sense of warmth and coziness in a season that’s both joyful and stressful.

While fun, the movie features bouts of cheesy dialog that may be off-putting to some viewers.

That’s how we got stuck with somewhat cheesy names for certain fundamental particles, such as “charm” and “strange” quarks, for example.

It is said to be very agreeable in flavor, but it must contain more cheesy matter than the butter from ordinary cream.

Cheesy is the best fellow in the world in some respects, but he cannot bring himself to speak well of a fellow behind his back.

The contents, a cheesy-looking mass, may commonly be pressed out without difficulty.

They themselves were covered with the cheesy substance typical of canker, and they bled on friction.

Chew a cheesy midnight "rabbit" And a grave you'll soon inhabit—Ah, to eat at all is such a foolish game.

The milk is allowed to stand too long before being skimmed, which gives it a cheesy taste.