Chef [noun]

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The chef chalks up their hesitance in part to the fact that out-of-state visitors tend not to follow Vermont’s 14-day mandatory quarantine for travelers.

Former chef to the Finnish embassy, a position he held for more than a decade, Mikko Kosonen opened Mikko almost two years ago.

Michael Anthony is head chef at Gramercy Tavern, one of New York City’s roughly 27,000 restaurants.

The chefs used the rim of the stovetop as a fulcrum on which to balance their pan as they rocked it.

Imagine if, instead of talking about an educational or medical program, we were talking about a successful restaurant and the original chef.

As usual the dinner was recherché, for the Pandemonium chef enjoyed a world-wide reputation.

It is the quiet chef lieu of the Allier, and was once the capital of the Bourbonnais.

She cultivated a witty habit of speech, the society of cabinet ministers, and her chef was a celebrity.

Willis looked upon this organ as his chef d' oeuvre, saying "There is nothing like it in the whole world!"

It's got everything, solar shower, automatic chef, 'copter landing—if we ever get a 'copter.