Chemicals [noun]

Definition of Chemicals:

chemical compound

Synonyms of Chemicals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chemicals:


Sentence/Example of Chemicals:

Application of gentle heat or appropriate chemicals will serve to differentiate them.

So, we will name no chemicals or poisons but confine ourselves to effects and processes.

Accessibility to such chemicals and procurement of such chemicals usually lead to a search.

The principal manufactures are hardware, furnaces, agricultural implements, carriages and chemicals.

Broken crystal littered the floor in shards and puddles of strange chemicals mingled smells to become a throat-rasping fog.

The doctor entered his compartment to secure some chemicals.

There'll be a plant belonging to Hoffman Chemicals here, before too long.

This list accounts for 955 poisonings, and the remaining 45 will be distributed among the less used drugs and chemicals.

The action of fire in consuming fuel, and the action of chemicals in consuming metals, are similar actions.

The chemicals cost much more than fuel for steam, and there could be no economical motive for further experiment.