Chemises [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chemises:

The queen then appeared in the national costume, with the coloured pareo and chemise, as did also her husband.

The kerchief about her shoulders over a light chemise rivals the rainbow.

With swift, angry slashes, Wolf Paw's senior wife stripped away Nancy's dress and the chemise under it.

The smaller female covers her belly sadly in a whitish chemise, her back is russet.

She had thrown her mantilla back, to show her shoulders, and a great bunch of acacia that was thrust into her chemise.

Then she looked down at her straight chemise, and drawing it off, sat down on the side of the bed.

Then she rises, fastens on a black mantle which floats behind concealing nothing, at the same moment removing her chemise.

The mother should be provided with short-gowns, to be worn over the chemise instead of the ordinary night-gowns.

Then the chemise next the body should be drawn up and folded high up around the breast.

It is simply a copy of the chemise ordinarily worn by women as an under garment.