Cheque [noun]

Definition of Cheque:

check for paying money

Synonyms of Cheque:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheque:


Sentence/Example of Cheque:

Mr. Agnew saw the picture, recognised its merit, and wrote a cheque for the full amount asked.

On our arrival home the cabman, fortunately, was induced to accept a cheque in payment.

Mr. M. Williams informed the writer's brother that at a meeting of several gentlemen in London, a cheque for 8000l.

The next day Mr. Williams said to him, "Why did you not pocket the cheque before you quarrelled with them?"

And now, Monsieur Pujol,” said he impudently, “I am willing to sell you this rubbish for the cheque.

But even rich English people do not carry about with them a circulating library assortment of cheque books.

However, he arrived in Aberdeen radiant, gave his lecture, and at the end was presented by Donald with a cheque for twenty pounds.

Let me give you an open cheque for two hundred—five hundred—pounds right away.

If you will hand them over to me you shall have the other cheque for five thousand posted to you to-night.

For one thing, she found Val's banking book, and some old cheque-books; they served her for some time.