Cher [adjective]

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Born at Sancerre, Cher, about the end of the eighteenth century.

"Doing the right thing, mon cher," remarked Monpavon, appearing suddenly at his side.

He occupied several prefectures, among others that of Loir-et-Cher, where he was stationed in 1834.

The first pictures of cher-rubs and cupids was sculptured upon thim walls and pillars.

And your cher-rubs was billy-goats in the days of King Solomon, but the painters misconstrued the horns into wings.

Pray, consider, mon cher, they are worth fifteen hundred francs; there is not a moment to lose.

Veuillez agrer, mon cher Camarade, lexpression de mes souvenirs les meilleurs et les plus devous.

Give her some salutary advice, therefore, mon cher, and if she becomes inconvenient forward her to Paris.

The tale of his undoing had travelled wide—he found that out in the Crow camp; Ba-cher-hish-a had told him that through her tears.

"A word in your ear, mon cher Dorinet," whispered he, catching the little dancing-master by the button-hole.