Cherishes [verb]

Definition of Cherishes:

care about deeply

Synonyms of Cherishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cherishes:

Sentence/Example of Cherishes:

But if God is good, if he cherishes his creatures, if he knows their wants, it seems superfluous to pray to him.

My father's views in ecclesiastical and civil policy are as dear to him as the life which he cherishes only to advance them.

There is something in every heart that shrinks from public gaze, and every family justly cherishes the privacy of the household.

He cherishes a love for the ‘angle art,’ and I must say usually succeeds in his fishing exploits much better than he has to-day.

The Master said, The gentleman cherishes mind, the small man cherishes dirt.

Like the man who, about to die on the gallows, cherishes hope of deliverance almost to the last, so did he.

It cherishes those Passions, and rewards those Vices, which 'tis the business of Reason to discountenance.

Upon the other side there may be a family which cherishes two or three infants and sustains a dog.

He came partly to see us, but chiefly, I think, because he cherishes a secret passion for a certain fair maid who abides here.

He still lives and warmly cherishes the memories of the old road.