Chestnut [adjective]

Definition of Chestnut:

coppery-brown color

Synonyms of Chestnut:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chestnut:


Sentence/Example of Chestnut:

Alas, its colour was other than the deep chestnut bronze of Georgie Haggard's.

Jess' chestnut hair was long and silky and nicely braided, but she never murmured as it came off too.

As it was, he could not resist opening one eye the slightest crack to see the bright chestnut hair as it passed out of sight.

"Hal" and "Teddy" and "Chestnut" are very tired for they have been pulling the plough, the wagon, or doing some farm work all day.

The three happy children could see them way up in the old chestnut tree over on the edge of their neighbour's wood.

Seventeen uneventful years had passed and had streaked Georgie Haggard's abundant chestnut locks with grey.

Her luxuriant chestnut hair, with frequent glints of gold entangled in its meshes, waved naturally all over her shapely head.

A very small bit of this chestnut grated into a kettle would make a potful of porridge.

The service very smart: six men-servants, chestnut livery in winter, nankeen livery in summer.

I am trying to get my chestnut horse back, and asking the Brigade Major to telegraph for him to the Remount.