Chevalier [noun]

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Mistress of the Chevalier de Valois, and mother of a child that was attributed to the old aristocrat.

These rumors greatly annoyed the chevalier, since he had hoped at this time to wed Mlle. Cormon.

For more than thirty years he lived on rue Honore-Chevalier under the name of M. du Portail.

She constantly wore on her breast the cross of chevalier of the Legion of Honor conferred on her husband by the Emperor.

He was also made chevalier of nearly all the orders in Italy, and member of the Legion of Honour.

The Young Chevalier is in very full colour, and I fear it for that reason.

When the president had learned to imitate the cry, I made an appointment to meet the chevalier here at dusk.

Well, one day I said to him, 'Sigismond, wouldn't you like to help me play a fine joke upon the chevalier?' '

For full bibliography (to 1904) see Ulysse Chevalier, Rpertoire des sources hist.

There was something so sudden in the attack that the Chevalier Macaire was almost thrown on the ground.