Chewed [verb]

Definition of Chewed:

grind with teeth

Synonyms of Chewed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chewed:


Sentence/Example of Chewed:

A little tobacco smoked or chewed three or four times a day cannot fail to be beneficial.

When the skins were softened, Antler told Fleetfoot that once her people chewed the skins.

The Moqui woman washed the wound, applied a dressing which looked like chewed leaves, and put on a light bandage.

He chewed the gum to make his breath sweet and drank a decoction of the root to make him live forever.

For three generations it's been a sort of a gnaw-bone, to be dug up and chewed on when there's nothing else.

She immediately charged, chewed up his leg, arm and shoulder, and was then killed by his Somali gunbearer.

I carried the gun all day on my two feet, and many a stitch I had, and chewed a bullet for.

The friends sat like sacrifices by the fire, and chewed their cigars in silence, with foreboding hearts.

When the gum arrived, Average Jones, after politely offering some to his host, chewed up a single stick thoroughly.

He chewed meditatively for some minutes, and then made another friendly advance toward his seat-partner.