Chewing [verb]

Definition of Chewing:

grind with teeth

Synonyms of Chewing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chewing:


Sentence/Example of Chewing:

All this while Squinty was chewing on the apple which he had picked up from the ground after he had jumped over the rope.

Is there to be some mysterious affinity between chewing and the revolutions, especially the social revolutions of the future?

What the effect of chewing is on political and military affairs, it is not so easy to discover.

Then rolling chewing-gum from one corner of his mouth into the other, he snapped off the electric light and walked from the room.

Kneeling down, he peered into the keyhole, holding the electric torch close beside his face and chewing industriously.

Excess and abuse may be found in the smoking and chewing of tobacco as in other things.

Missouri, Kentucky, and some parts of Ohio also produce large quantities for manufacturing into chewing and smoking tobacco.

While in another section she produces an excellent article of leaf for chewing.

One variety for cutting, known as "cinnamon blotch," is a leaf of good body and is considered an excellent tobacco for chewing.

One of the town flatfoots came down and stared in, chewing gum methodically.