Chicane [noun]

Definition of Chicane:

deception, joke

Opposite/Antonyms of Chicane:

Sentence/Example of Chicane:

You will not wonder that I lose time and catch at every hope, rather than involve myself in that labyrinth of Chicane and expense.

A revoking side may score nothing either above or below the line except for honours or chicane.

He thinks that all the resources of ingenuity ought to be employed to baffle chicane, not to support it.

I never darkened it with absurd and contradictory notions, nor confounded it with chicane and sophistry.

Apparently Judge Dunder had in this case resolved to wink a little at chicane and decide for justice in the broader sense.

The new recruit in the army of business chicane nodded his head.

Chicane, a hand which is without a trump, adds the value of three honours to the honour score.

Double Chicane, a player and partner having no trumps, adds the value of four honours to the honour score.

A game consists of thirty points obtained by tricks alone, exclusive of any points counted for honours, chicane or slam.

Remark what he says here, and then judge whether these inferences are to be eluded by any chicane.