Chick [noun]

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He had found the lost chick, and clucked low notes of supreme content as he brought him back to the roost.

Besides the groundsel and the chick-weed, he has small pieces of turf for sale, of which larks are very fond.

A great blob of brown sos spurted on to master's chick, and myandrewed down his shert-collar and virging-white weskit.

It is clear that every such individual who, like a chick, leaves the shelter of the maternal wings, must be more or less at sea.

Till you grow tender as a chick,I'm dull as any post; Let us like burs together stick,And warm as any toast.

I've neither chick nor child, so it's yours,' he said with his cheery smile.

The very same thing that happened to the chick seed—they burst and out come hundreds of cute little fish minnows.

Now, if there was one thing that Polly delighted in more than another it was the game of "Chick-a-mie, chick-a-mie, craney-crow."

"It is very hard work," acknowledged Chick, showing his flushed and streaming face under his vizor.

The man Chick's tin suit cannot bring as much trouble to him as this garb of respectability may bring to you.