Chides [verb]

Definition of Chides:

criticize, lecture

Synonyms of Chides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chides:

Sentence/Example of Chides:

Mrs Everett forebore to chide, so interested was she in learning if this confession would clear her from suspicion.

Then at last they slowly returned, unrebuked, for no man had the heart to chide their daring.

In anger, the king went to the door to chide the guards for having admitted a ragged Jew to his presence.

I chide her for bringing evil days upon us by talking to the sacred cats of the priests, and carrying them in her arms.

Orlando says to Jaques: ‘I will chide no breather in the world, but myself, against whom I know most faults.’

Looking into Manikawan's eyes, he made an unspoken vow that she should never again have cause to chide him.

All the people of that country are very obedient to their sovereign, and fight not nor chide with one another.

With what tenderness did she rally my drooping spirits; how gently did she chide my faint-heartedness!

This was no time to chide the girl for her belief in the superstition which he knew was connected with the wondrous jewel.

Chide your fancy, therefore, if it offers to grow faint under so slender a trial.