Chiding [verb]

Definition of Chiding:

criticize, lecture

Synonyms of Chiding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chiding:

Sentence/Example of Chiding:

A couple of days before the game, Warner posted a video chiding the “simplicity” of the Ravens’ passing scheme for not doing enough to help Jackson.

Drew Anderson, spokesperson for the Indiana Democratic Party, chided Indiana state officials for seeking to challenge parental rights for same-sex couples in the first place.

Spending money on the Internet matters, she chided her elders, “in the Year of our Lord 2020.”

When Westenhofer took the issue to human resources, she was told there was nothing they could do and was chided that employers were also having a hard time.

During lunch breaks, we sometimes paced around our teammates, pretending to be Old World villagers, hands tucked behind our backs as we chided everyone in sight.

Mrs Bellingham went on tiptoe towards the door, and chiding herself because her stiff, weary limbs made some slight noise.

But even while chiding the Earl for inaction, Perrott admitted that want of provisions was a fair excuse.

He ran back to get the money out of his coat, delighted with the chance and chiding himself for not having dared to do it sooner.

"From the Park," she said, and commenced chiding Robert gently, to establish her right to do it with solemnity.

And before he went Mark must know this for certain, chiding himself for having put it off so long.