Chieftain [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chieftain:

With a groan and a curse the guerrilla chieftain yielded himself a prisoner.

To the Federal soldiers in pursuit she swore the guerrilla chieftain had passed by without stopping.

The South Wind gently opened the door, and a young chieftain, with a face like the sun, entered.

The young chieftain passed in and sat down by the strange fire that had no heat.

He raged about the lodge and ordered the young chieftain with sunshine in his face and warmth in his breath to depart.

On and on, up and over the brow of the hill she climbed, till she reached the young chieftain's side.

Her arms wound round and round the young chieftain, and Corn Plume was content.

Just as the little Jo gah oh mother had said, he became a chief, though not in the chieftain line.

This powerful chieftain was an absolute despot ruling over a tribe of fierce warriors, who knew no will but his.

In the days that were to come after waxed Earl Eirik, and men knew him as a mighty chieftain.