Chignons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chignons:

Dotty was giving an extra touch to her chignon, and Prudy trying on her cap.

The latter wore no covering on their rich, shining hair, twisted into a kind of Greek chignon.

Of course I could not continue to wear my hair la pigtail, and that went up in the then fashionable chignon.

She wore an imperceptible hat, balanced on an immense pyramidal chignon, from which escaped a torrent of wavy hair.

The women wind theirs in a peculiar knot, in about the position of the French chignon.

It is dressed much like that of a Chinese woman except that it is twisted and tied up in a chignon on the crown of the head.

The back division is combed back, and after being twisted into a compact mass, is tied in a chignon upon the crown of the head.

In men the chignon is usually lower, being about half way between the crown and the nape of the neck.

The escort was commanded by a young woman carrying a Chassepot, and wearing a chignon.

Petticoat and chignon are male institutions in Ceylon, and time after time I had to look twice before I could fix the passers sex.