Childbed [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Childbed:

His lady shortly after dying in childbed, to his credit he was re-chosen a fellow of the college before mentioned.

Pillows, which had before been despised by the farmer and the trader as fit only "for women in childbed," were now in general use.

This is often observed in childbed, and sometimes even comes on during labor.

Close by, a Kaffir was digging a grave for a Zulu woman who had died in childbed.

Died in childbed a year later, me being at that time on my first voyage.

The death took place within a year after their marriage, and was accelerated by childbed.

I was bakin' all night; but darn me if I kin put the screw onto babies, and women in childbed.

Childbed on the whole inclines to arousing the dormant inclination toward pulmonary consumption.

The following year I lost my wife in childbed of her first child, who died with its mother.

Isis began to usurp the functions of Juno Lucina, and women in childbed called upon her to deliver them.