Childbirth [noun]

Definition of Childbirth:

giving birth

Synonyms of Childbirth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Childbirth:


Sentence/Example of Childbirth:

An hour before the woman had succumbed to the agonies of childbirth, bringing forth a still child.

RikulĂșta pa siya sa panganak, She is still new to childbirth.

But, the first scene to meet his gaze was that of a woman in childbirth.

At the present, she is going through the throes of childbirth.

In this state of things, a woman was taken in childbirth, some two or three miles from the ferry.

Your true adventurer forgets danger and perils experienced as a woman forgets the pangs of childbirth.

The external cause may be the heat of the air, heavy burdens, unnatural childbirth, etc.

This subject, the proper management of the health from conception to childbirth, is worthy of careful consideration.

As a rule, the secretion of milk is limited to one sex, and in that is confined to a short period after childbirth.

This is a variety of insanity which attacks some women shortly after childbirth, or at the period of weaning a child.