Childishness [noun]

Definition of Childishness:

innocence, gullibility

Synonyms of Childishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Childishness:


Sentence/Example of Childishness:

We, fools as we are, know how to pay the proper respect that is due to senility and second-childishness.

They have a natural air which is alike free from affected profundity and insipid childishness.

But at these words all the childishness passed out of his face, and was succeeded by a look of indescribable cunning and secrecy.

And the poor child smiled at her own childishness and simplicity.

The quaint childishness of the “Vixit annos Platonicos” is also very notable.

If anything, it would seem that ignorance and childishness demand even more consideration than the crime which lacks that excuse.

Really, you must agree that, after what has taken place between us during the night, this is mere childishness.

There was a strange mingling of childishness and womanliness in this little Chicagoan to which Amy could not accustom herself.

But then the childishness of this strange rival stirred up in her a more acrid bitterness than she had known till now.

All the youth, the joy, the childishness seemed stricken from her forever by the terrible revelation of to-night.