Childless [adjective]

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Dinh offered Bjerg a spot, though the Dane was still “very much a child, very immature,” Dinh recalled of the assessment he made when he himself was 22 years old.

For elementary and middle school students, they are lower — which we would expect, given the generally lower disease rate in younger children.

Some applaud school officials’ caution and say they would like to keep their children home for the foreseeable future.

The companies that hire them, typically temp agencies, break child labor laws.

Most of the children who were restrained or secluded nationwide had disabilities.

Waves for Change helps take vulnerable and lesser-privileged children from underresourced communities in South Africa into the ocean through the medium of surf therapy.

Richards said she also learned through 23andMe that her children have a half brother who lived nearby, also conceived by a woman who went to Kiken for fertility treatment.

While those crashes are dangerous, Krishnamoorthi and Porter urged NHTSA also to require a test that simulates when a vehicle strikes the side opposite where the child is sitting.

One of the things I grapple with is the privilege we have in being able to remove our child from school so quickly.

Of those apprehended last year, about 80% were families or children traveling alone.