Chimed [verb]

Definition of Chimed:

ring, peal

Synonyms of Chimed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chimed:


Sentence/Example of Chimed:

The changes are mostly subtle, as in the case of the newly recorded startup chime.

The sound rang out against the chime of the machine, and it was as if we’d become one.

Suddenly the clock in the big hall below chimed two upon its peal of silvery bells.

Out of doors was the Alpine glow, the evening bells chimed, the daughters of the sunbeams sang: "May the best thing happen!"

Miss S. chimed in with the Major; the neighborhood too seemed in the same tune.

"Yes, yes," chimed in May enthusiastically, in reference to the man and not to the slang.

"Oh, that's square," Marmot chimed in; and the others repeated the formula.

Until the great University bells chimed the hour of midnight, Tessibel waited in the hut for Frederick.

The old clock down-stairs struck two, then the little clock on the mantelpiece chimed twice.

What this obscure threat might portend, I could not see, but it chimed in with the delirious cruelty of the dead sergeant.