Chimera [noun]

Definition of Chimera:

dream, fantasy

Synonyms of Chimera:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chimera:

Sentence/Example of Chimera:

Physicists have proved most two-element hydrogen hybrids to be dead ends, but the new three-element blend marks a potentially significant advance into the world of complex chimera materials.

Was it for some grandiose, impossible chimera, that he had taken men from quiet useful lives and the simple round of kindliness?

"With all the ills the flesh is heir to," true health is a chimera, an existing state unknown to man.

The Chimera was a fire-breathing monster, with the head of a lion, the tail of a dragon, and the body of a goat.

This chimera was still dear to the hearts of scientific men.

And, if you would pursue this chimera, it is not in a democracy that you are likely to surprise it.

In striving after universal brotherhood in a literal sense, Freemasons are therefore pursuing a chimera.

This was the death of the right to labour, which showed itself as much a chimera as an injustice.

And it is this great chimera which we have placed, for the edification of the people, as a frontispiece to the Constitution.

He is throwing away time and money on a mere chimera, for they say the Radical member will be returned to a certainty.