Chimes [verb]

Definition of Chimes:

ring, peal

Synonyms of Chimes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chimes:


Sentence/Example of Chimes:

It had such a low, musical chime that the children listened delightedly, never once giving a thought as to who it might be.

As its chime died away, he arose and stole forth into the tranquil night.

The chime of another hour quarter came in due order; still there was no sign of action.

While the quarryman was speaking, all the bells of the churches of Laon began to chime in with the peals of the belfry.

I have heard the bells chime, and the quarters, and never cease to think of my husband.

The chime part is made entirely separate and can be located at any reasonable distance from the clock.

The air was cold and bracing; sound carried far, and the musical chime of cowbells came from a distant bluff.

Of course Cosway must be in the fashion,—must chime in with the universal humour.

Perhaps your curate wants a chime for your cathedral at Kilronan.

Those are the only bells that should chime upon my wedding if I had my wish.