Chimpanzees [noun]

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Again, we have the fact that man possesses normally only twelve ribs, one less than is found in the gorilla and the chimpanzee.

It is shortest in the chimpanzee, somewhat longer in the gorilla, still longer in the orang, and remarkably long in the gibbon.

The chief examples of anthropoid intelligence are told of the chimpanzee, which has been most frequently kept in captivity.

This species, apparently most nearly allied to the chimpanzee, was taller than any existing ape.

It would take an awful lot of explaining to make him understand the difference between, say, a chimpanzee and a man.

That the Chimpanzee and the hideous Gorilla possess close resemblances of structure to our own is obvious.

The black skin might—for anything a mere logician can say—indicate the mind of a chimpanzee.

When it is fully grown a male chimpanzee stands nearly five feet high.

One very intelligent bald chimpanzee was kept in Barnum's menagerie, and was even more clever, in some ways, than "Sally" herself.

When a chimpanzee stands as upright as possible, the tips of its fingers almost touch its knees.