China [noun]

Definition of China:

dishes, often valuable

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Sentence/Example of China:

Distance, the uncertain light, and imagination, magnified it to a high wall; high as the wall of China.

I shipped for a voyage to Japan and China, and spent several more years trying to penetrate the forbidden fastnesses of Tibet.

The ships from China do not come, and it is with their merchandise that our ships must go to Nueva Spaña.

Black Sheep was sent to the drawing-room and charged into a solid tea-table laden with china.

In former years, Korea had paid an annual tribute or tax to China, but for some time it had been held back by this king.

Mrs. Trevithick, about the time we are speaking of, accompanied her husband through one of the Staffordshire china manufactories.

The ill success of this expedition destroyed all hope with the Dutch of finding a northern passage to China.

It is the chief cereal, and the inhabitants say it originated in Ha-ram, China, nearly five thousand years ago.

It is very common in subtropical countries, notably in Italy and in southern China.

She took it and rubbed it with soft sand to remove some discolorations and laid it, with a horn-handled knife, by the china plate.