Chino [noun]

Definition of Chino:

clothing for legs, lower half of body

Synonyms of Chino:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chino:


Sentence/Example of Chino:

The Indians and the Chinos are particularly liable to the uta.

These Malays, with an infusion of Chinese, are called mestizo-Chinos.

I can recommend the 'Chinos' in this dodge, who are all adepts in all sorts of 'adulteration' schemes.

This is the opinion of all them that haue entred into this kingdome, and haue intreated of this matter with the Chinos.

But for themselves they buy a cheaper fabric from the Chinos, which they dye in brilliant colors and make into blankets.

These for that they may be knowne doo weare redde bonnets, but in their other apparell they do differ nothing from the Chinos.

The Chinos are morally about on a level with the Zambos; but physically they are much inferior.

And you do not yet know how to bargain with these sharp-witted Chinos (Chinese)?