Chintzy [adjective]

Definition of Chintzy:


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Sentence/Example of Chintzy:

"It's odd I should find you here, Mr. Fitzroy," said Mrs. Shaw, settling her rustling skirts on a chintzy chair.

I think so gratefully and kindly now of the little chintzy parlour—blest refuge.

It was one of those chintzy English sitting-rooms with flowers in every corner.

She felt oddly perturbed when at last she reached the seclusion of her chintzy bedroom underneath the sloping roof.

We'll keep nearly all this furniture, and add to it chintzy sofas and easy chairs.

The chintzy bedroom under the sloping roof was very still and quiet.

It's chintzy and cozy and old-fashioned looking, yet really it's up to or ahead of date.