Chipping [verb]

Definition of Chipping:

knock a piece out of

Synonyms of Chipping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chipping:

Sentence/Example of Chipping:

Henry, greatly taken with the idea, sat up until it was almost dark, chipping out the remaining letters of the alphabet.

They are lacking, like the Pygmy races in general, in the art of chipping stone, one of the earliest arts acquired by man.

When the word market takes the place in England of the old Anglo-Saxon chipping, we may assume the place to be of later origin.

It made a deafening noise, but only resulted in chipping a scratch on my mare's nose with a splinter.

You might tell by the chipping, but this is hard wood covered with thick enamel, so there's apt to be no chipping.

Chipping this off was a most tedious piece of work, while in the process one's clothes became filled with ice.

At midnight we were awakened by the bullets chipping the rocks and stones among which we were sleeping.

Next day he saw two men heating rocks and chipping arrow-heads from them.

In the case of metals in ingots or bars, samples are obtained by drilling and chipping corners or edges.

“I intend to appropriate the bow for my own use,” said Jack, chipping the piece of wood he had brought with his axe.