Chips [noun]

Definition of Chips:

substitute for money; money

Synonyms of Chips:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chips:


Sentence/Example of Chips:

A Laplander who cannot get Tobacco sucks chips of a barrel or pieces of anything else which has contained it.

Thereafter we were buffeted like chips in the swirling maw of a whirlpool; we fought our way rod by rod.

This explanation seemed very likely, for here and there were stumps of trees and decaying chips.

Two boys waded out into the sea, one with a stick, and the other with a quantity of burning chips.

She sat sewing daily by the swimming pool while Benny sailed wonderful boats of chips, and waded around to his heart's content.

He was a mighty woodsman now, and could make a spray of chips fly around him as he hewed his way through the trunk of spruce-tree.

At any rate he left the cabin and went out and chopped wood for an hour, furiously raining chips into the snow.

You will never see the chips fly in mission work, never; and be sure you know it beforehand.

In the early twenties, he exchanged his chips and whetstones for single shares of bank stock.

Over on the hill the bucks had arisen from their little fires of buffalo chips, and were watching.