Chirped [verb]

Definition of Chirped:

peep, cheep

Synonyms of Chirped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chirped:

Sentence/Example of Chirped:

If you’d rather not listen to chirps and caws, just seek out music that makes you feel calm.

This might produce an “anti-chirp” — a pattern of gravitational waves opposite to a chirp’s — before plunging back in with a chirp.

Those chirps are received by any nearby Bluetooth device, such as another phone.

Information about the stored chirps would then become part of a large public database.

So any phone with Bluetooth will have data about chirps it sent out and chirps it got from other smartphones it had been near.

Queeker rode up to the gap, shut his eyes, gave a chirp, and committed himself to fate and Slapover.

However, he shut his eyes, and courageously gave the accustomed chirp, and Slapover plunged down.

She is quite sure she understands what her big dog Tom says and her little canary Chirp.

Somewhere near her feet the cricket gave out an importunate chirp.

Then she heard a little restless bird chirp out its wakefulness from a nest in the ivy round the walls of the house.